DING (Department of Engineering)
University of Sannio
Partner name DING (Department of Engineering) - University of Sannio
Web site http://www.ding.unisannio.it
Address Tel: +390824305587
Dipartimento di Ingegneria, Piazza Roma 21, 82100 Benevento, ITALIA
Main contact Prof. Gaetano Continillo (Professor of Chemical Process Engineering)
Email: continillo@unisannio.it
Profile The Department of Engineering (DING), University of Sannio, was established in 2001, to constitute a scientific framework for promotion, organization and management of science and technology, and to support teaching in the field of scientific areas for courses organized and taught by the Faculty of Engineering.

The main purpose of the Department of Engineering consists of organization and development of research in the fields of Civil and Industrial Engineering, and of Information Technology. DING coordinates facilities, activities and research programs, respecting the autonomy of individual teachers and scientific research and their right to directly seek and access funding for research. In addition, the Department is committed to promoting cooperation among the various areas of science with a multidisciplinary approach to research funding provided by the European Union, the Italian Government, the Regional Government, in cooperation with public and private companies.

DING counts about 90 tenured staff (scientific and clerical) overall, and in the past 5 years had an average turnover of €4M plus salaries. It is currently involved in several collaborative industrial research projects funded by the industry, the Italian government and the European Commission. More than 25 among professors, researchers, technicians and administration people work in DING on renewable energy related research and teaching.
Role in the project DING is responsible for modeling, optimization and experimental characterization of key components of MEGARIS, namely the Stirling Engine and the Solar Concentrator and, in collaboration with the partners, will cooperate in realizing the coupling of the Stirling Engine with the Fluidised Bed unit.

Previous experience relating to their role: DING has an extended experience in research projects in the field of Energy Engineering, developing in the past ten years several projects successfully delivered or currently in progress. In the same period, its researchers have published over 300 journal papers in Energy Engineering and related fields.

Profile of Staff undertaking the job: The research team that will undertake the task consists of two Full professors, two senior, tenured Assistant professors, two Research associates and four PhD students. The main project researcher, prof. Gaetano Continillo, has the experience and the knowledge to manage an innovative project with all the implications of collaborative partnership with the public research partner (IRC-CNR) and the industry partner (AEROSOFT). He has extensive expertise in combustion theory, modeling and numerical simulation, and in the optimization of energy conversion processes and systems