In the foto from the left
Ing. Francesco Saverio Marra
head of Operational IRC
Prof. Maurizio Sasso
professor of Physics at the University of Sannio
Prof. Gaetano Continillo
professor of Theory of Chemical Process Development at the same university, as well as the operational unit responsible Unisannio
Dr. Riccardo Chirone
research director of the Institute for Research on Combustion and member of the Scientific Council of the Department for Energy and Transport of the CNR
Dr. Katarzina Bizon
research Fellow at the University of Sannio
Ing. Simone Lombardi
PhD student at the same university
Dr. Massimo Urciuolo, Dr. Roberto Solimene
researchers indefinitely Institute for Research on Combustion and operational components of the IRC
Ing. Giorgio Fusco
project manager Megaris, Research and CFD for the Aerosoft SpA, parent company of the project